Vector Logo Design

With our Vector Logo Design services, we’ll take your ideas and turn them into a stunning, high-resolution logo that represents your brand with vivid color and clear lines.  Plus – your vector logo file will be added to our database, making it available to your partners, affiliates and others that help promote your business.

Sample Designs


How It Works

Here’s what to expect when you purchase a vector logo from us:

  • Tell us about the logo that you've been dreaming of
  • Our designers will go to work, creating concepts that aim to knock your socks off
  • You'll offer feedback on the drafts
  • Our designers will complete the work using your feedback
  • We'll deliver your logo in both digital and vector format

Service Levels and Pricing

Full Design

Based on your preferences, we'll assign your logo to a designer who will create 4 drafts that offer you a range of options to choose from. That designer will use your feedback to create your final logo.

Tweaks Only

This package is for those of you that already have a logo, but want it tweaked a bit. This can include editing, adding or removing a tagline, scaling the size of an element in the logo, changing a color and so on. It includes 2 rounds of feedback and edits... any more than that and we'll ask you to proceed to the Full Design service.

Additional Designer

Want more options? We'll assign additional designers to your project. Each will create 4 drafts. Once you narrow down a design you prefer, one designer will work with you to create your final logo.

Additional Rounds

The Full Design Package includes up to 5 rounds of feedback and edits. Additional rounds are $50 each.

All Packages include a final deliverable of the logo in the following formats/sizes: .eps, .ai, .jpg, .png & a 1080 x 1080 .png (square for use on social platforms)

Order Your Vector Logo

Order today so that we can get started on your design! Most vector formatting orders are completed with 3 business days, and most logo design orders receive draft concepts within 1 week.

How long does this take?

You should allow each round to take up to 1 week, though the faster and more detailed you’re able to provide feedback, the faster and more accurate our designers are able to work.

Can I add on additional designers after I see the first round of drafts?

Absolutely. You can add on additional designers any time after you see a round of drafts.

What counts as a "round" of feedback and edits?

Starting with your first drafts, we’ll send you a set of questions to help you provide detailed feeback. You’ll take your time to provide the feedback (I don’t like that color, can we use the font from the first one, but the icon from the second one, etc) in a single response. We’ll then use that feedback to create the next round of drafts. So, each time you send us feedback, that’ll count as one “round”.

What if I don't like any of the designs?

Design can be tough if communication isn’t placed at the center. We work hard to open lines of communication. First, we collect as much information about you, your company and your preferences before we start on your design. We ask you for specific reasons why you do and don’t like parts of drafts, and offer you multiple chances to voice your opinion so that we can get it right.

Can I have my money back if I don't like any of the designs?

No. We’re able to keep our prices fairly low because of our commitment to communication. As long as you participate in the process and keep an open mind, you’ll walk away with a logo that you’re happy with.

What Does “Vector” Mean?

Vector logos are created using lines instead of dots. This allows the logos to be scaled large and small without losing quality. Logos can be stretched larger without becoming fuzzy or blurry. Logos can also be shrunk down without distortion.

How Are Vector Logos Different?

Vector logos are saved in formats like .eps and .ai. These files tend to be large since they hold a lot of data. Unlike .gifs, .jpgs and .png logos that are saved in specific sizes (ie 250 pixels x 250 pixels) and DPI resolutions (dots per inch), vector logos are saved with elements that are not restricted by size.

When Are Vector Logos Used?

While they can be used on websites and social media, vector logos are most commonly used for print and for mobile applications. Vector logo files contain the information a printer needs to scale your logo to fit a page or imprinted items as well as the colors and fonts used to create your logo.

Vector logos are also becoming popular for mobile applications. The high-resolution displays and varying sizes of screens on phones and tablets can result in digital images being distorted. Vector images can adapt to the changing display environments and shine through with sharp colors and defined lines.