Vector Formatting

Our Vector Logo Formatting service will transform your logo into a high-resolution file that can be used for website display, mobile apps or print.  Plus – your logo file will be added to our database, making it available to your partners, affiliates and others that help promote your business.

Upload Your Logo

Send us your .gif, .jpg or .png logo (no matter how small or fuzzy)

We'll Transform It

Our artists will transform your digital logo into a high resolution vector logo

Save Your Files

We'll send back your logo in formats ready to use online and offline

What’s Included

When you choose the Vector Formatting service, we’ll return a file that will include your logo in the following formats for use both online and offline:

EPS (Vector)

AI/Illustrator (Vector)



1080 x 1080 white background PNG

Pricing: $60 flat fee for up to 2 hours of work (additional hours available at $50/hour and are used only in about 5% of orders). Most orders are complete within 3 business days.

Order Your Vector Logo

Order today so that we can get started on your design! Most vector formatting orders are completed with 3 business days, and most logo design orders receive draft concepts within 1 week.

Can you make changes to my logo when you format it?

We can do this through our logo enhancement or “tweaking” service. Please see pricing and information on our Vector Logo Design page.

How will I know if my logo requires more than 2 hours of work?

This is fairly rare. Most logos can be formatted with the 2 hour limit. Every now and again, we come across files with layers that we’re not able to “untangle”. So, we essentially start over, building the logo from scratch, attempting to get it to look like the original that you send us. We’ll know soon after receiving your order if you’ll need additional work, and we’ll get in touch with you to let you know so that you can decide if you want to proceed before we do any work. If you don’t, we’ll provide a full refund.

What Does “Vector” Mean?

Vector logos are created using lines instead of dots. This allows the logos to be scaled large and small without losing quality. Logos can be stretched larger without becoming fuzzy or blurry. Logos can also be shrunk down without distortion.

How Are Vector Logos Different?

Vector logos are saved in formats like .eps and .ai. These files tend to be large since they hold a lot of data. Unlike .gifs, .jpgs and .png logos that are saved in specific sizes (ie 250 pixels x 250 pixels) and DPI resolutions (dots per inch), vector logos are saved with elements that are not restricted by size.

When Are Vector Logos Used?

While they can be used on websites and social media, vector logos are most commonly used for print and for mobile applications. Vector logo files contain the information a printer needs to scale your logo to fit a page or imprinted items as well as the colors and fonts used to create your logo.

Vector logos are also becoming popular for mobile applications. The high-resolution displays and varying sizes of screens on phones and tablets can result in digital images being distorted. Vector images can adapt to the changing display environments and shine through with sharp colors and defined lines.