Logo API

vector logo API

App developers, the Vectorling Logo API will connect you to our ever-growing database of vector logos for companies in retail, restaurant, entertainment, travel, business services and more. Access thousands of logos from brands like:



Unlike digital formats including .jpg, .gif and .png, vector formats like .ai and .eps store far more details about the image. This allows you to scale the image to infinite sizes while maintaining high resolution display. Expand a logo for display on desktop apps without the fear of a blurry output. Shrink a logo for display on a mobile device without distortion.

The Data

The API will give you access to the vector logo along with meta data to assist you in connecting the logos with the stores, brands and companies listed in your app. Plus, information like Domain and Hierarchy will further build your data set.

Vector Logo

2 - 3 versions of the logo in vector formats including .eps, .ai and .pdf


Details on where this logo fits within the company's hierarchy (ie, company, brand, etc).

Entity Name

Name of the company, brand or product that the logo represents.


URL for the domain associated with the logo.

Free Trial

Take a look at the data before you subscribe

Request a free trial to review sample data and API call instructions. When you’re ready to subscribe, it’s $750 to start and $99/month.


Got questions? Browse through the answers to these frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us with any others you might have!

How many API calls can I make in a day?

We allow you to make up 2 calls to the API each day. Your system should be engineered to bring the data and deliver it to end users from your own databasenot from on-the-spot calls to our API each time logos are displayed within your app.

Does this service grant the use of copyrighted images?

No. Our logo datafeed is simply intended to provide access to these files. The copyrights are retained by their owners. We strongly suggest that you obtain rights to use them prior to subscribing to our service.

How many sites/apps can I use this on?

Our licensing is for one app/site. If your mobile app also has a website version (or visa versa), we’ll allow the same license to be used on both. However, if you have multiple apps or are developing for multiple platforms or clients, please ask us about our extended license.

I supply content to several sites, can I distribute these logos?

Please contact us for more information about a distribution agreement. Our standard license is for one app. We’d love to partner with you to supply logos to all of your clients, but it does require a special agreement.

What's included in the trial?

Our free trial will give you access to 5 sample rows of data as well as API call instructions and parameter settings.